double f ranchA hunting experience at Flying Double F Ranch is for “real sportsmen”. The ranch is not a preserve and animals are not planted or tamed. To prevent over-hunting of the land, owner, James Farmer, allows hunts only three times one week and two times the next week.

The Flying Double F Ranch in Vale, Oregon accommodates any special needs requested by hunters.

Much of the land is flat and provides for easy walking. The property includes creek beds, streams, river bottoms and the edges of farm fields.

Service and hospitality go hand in hand at the Flying Double F Ranch. Arrangements can be made for the birds to be cleaned, packaged and taken with you or they can be shipped. It is preferred that hunters fly into the Boise Airport and arrange for a rental car to travel to and from the Ranch.  Under special circumstances, other arrangements could be made.

flying double f ranchBully Creek Reservoir borders the north side of the ranch, providing excellent fishing and boating for tourists and ranch visitors alike. The Ranch and hunting areas are composed of the following:​

  • Non-pressured land
  • Privately Owned Land
  • BLM Land (some prime chukar locations are off-Ranch)

Temperatures at the Flying Double F Ranch range from moderate to mild during most of the hunting season. Mid-December through January there is occasional snow, however, weather really has no bearing since the Flying Double F Ranch is in the middle of prime bird habitat.

Guests are treated to creative home style meals each day of their stay. Each hunter is accommodated each day with a full country-style breakfast, a home-made lunch and a magnificent dinner. After an enjoyable day of hunting, hunters return to the lodge and are treated to hors d’oeuvres and drinks of their choice before sitting down to a delicious dinner.

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Please do not wait to connect with us at The Flying Double F Ranch in Vale, OR. We are just across the river from Idaho and offer an amazing hunting and fishing experience. 


Quality Mixed Bird Hunting

Valley Quail

“These wild quail are hard to hit.  It is much easier on the hunters, and the dogs, after breaking up a large covey to chase after the smaller groups of birds.” – Jim Farmer (1940 – 2016)